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UB SUPER Pineapple Energizing Smoothie

I recently learned about a new protein superfood nutritional shake by UB Super.

Ok, truth be known I’m always a bit hesitant when trying powders as I’m very picky, and there are […]

VIDEO: How to Make Almond Milk

It took me a few years before I started making my own almond milk.

To be honest I was always very intimidated and I was convinced it was way too complicated […]

Cashew Blueberry Smoothie

I know, I share a lot of blueberry smoothie recipes. Well, what can I say – we love LOVE blueberries! If you are also a Blueberry Lover [TWEET IT] I […]

Ode to Green GREEN Smoothies

If you’ve been following me for a while, you will know that Green GREEN Smoothies are most definitely my favourite – I feel so much better when I reduce the […]

Blueberry Banana Citrus Smoothie

Blueberries are ranked No. 1 in antioxidant activity compared to 60 other fresh fruits & vegetables.  There are several types of antioxidants and they are best sourced from fresh fruits […]

Green Zen

I find the green smoothies are my favourite, especially this one which I find very Zen like, relaxing, soothing and oh-so-nutritious! It’s really high in Vitamin’s A & C, a […]

Creamy Blueberry Banana Smoothie

If you create this smoothie with a Vitamix you will absolutely love the fluffy, creamy texture.  Mmmm Deee-Licious!! Definitely one of my favourites. Very high in vitamins A and C, a […]

Raspberry Mango Smoothie

I love this combination.  The tartness of raspberries with the sweet and creaminess of mango makes this smoothie a definite keeper!

Makes 1.5 litres (3 x 500ml servings)

3 cups water
1 mango, […]

1 Day Mini-Cleanse

Do you ever feel like your body just needs a quick reset? Perhaps you are a little more tired than usual. Perhaps you’ve been working too much and not exercising […]

Ruby Picante Smoothie

A wonderful ruby red smoothie that is filled with immune boosting nutrients.  Not only is it high in dietary fibre, but it’s also very high in potassium as well as […]