3-Day Green Smoothie CLEANSE

Get Happy, Healthy & Vibrant for LIFE!

ARV 3-Day Green Smoothie CLEANSEOne of the practices I followed in the early days of adopting an Almost Raw Vegan approach ~ and one I continue to follow today, is ~ with every new season I like to RESET my body, get an extra boost of energy, lose a few pounds and give my digestive system a wee break so my body can focus on healing and cleansing ~ I follow a seasonal 3-Day Green Smoothie CLEANSE.

I’ve created the same 3-Day Green Smoothie CLEANSE that I follow four (4) times a year so you too can cleanse and RESET your body.

This 3-Day Green Smoothie CLEANSE is for you if:

  • You want to wake up feeling energized & be more energetic throughout the day
  • You want to look & feel your best
  • You want a glowing complexion
  • You want to lose unwanted weight
  • You want clarity of mind (lose that pesky brain fog!)
  • You want to start to crave healthy foods
  • You want to sleep more soundly
  • You want to beat (once and for all) those unwanted junk food cravings, weight, and health challenges

The 3-Day Green Smoothie CLEANSE will kickstart your body and help you to achieve these amazing benefits.

The 3-Day Green Smoothie CLEANSE Package gives you all the insight, information, tips, tools, in this 77 page full colour e-guide, which includes all recipes, menu plans, shopping lists and everything you need to transform your body with this 3-Day Green Smoothie CLEANSE.

It has all you need to kickstart your body with 3-days of green smoothies (+ optional 3 days of PRE-Cleanse and 3-days of POST-Cleanse) so that you too can CLEANSE and RESET your body ~ rid yourself of the cravings to non plant-based foods and reap the benefits and experience weight loss, increased energy, sound sleep, improved complexion and so much more!

Enjoying whole food, plant based green smoothies for only 3 days WILL transform your mind, body and spirit and leave you feeling healthy, happy and vibrant for life!

What’s INSIDE your 3-Day Green Smoothie KIT?

1. the ARV 3-Day Green Smoothie CLEANSE GUIDE (PDF)

ARV 3-Day Green Smoothie CLEANSEThis GUIDE will give you all the details you need to RESET your body with SUCCESS! Read the complete guide and you will have all you need to know, understand the why, where, what and how to cleanse with confidence!

Here’s just a few of the things that you will learn from this 77 page full-colour guide:

  • Why eating Raw, Greens & Smoothies is so important for your body
  • The ins and outs of the program and how it all works
  • How much to drink
  • How to handle the side effects
  • Why the PRE and POST Cleanse is so important
  • What equipment is essential (and what is not!)
  • How to shop and what ingredients to stock in your kitchen
  • How best to transition out of the cleanse
  • How to succeed beyone the cleanse

2. Green Smoothie CLEANSE Recipes

ARV 3-Day Green Smoothie CLEANSEIncluded in your GUIDE are ALL green smoothie recipes required for the 3-Days as well as the 3-Days each for the Pre & Post-Cleanse ~ all designed to satisfy the newbie right through to the green smoothie expert.

All recipes include only whole food, plant-based ingredients. No dairy, no refined sugars, no animal products, no processed foods – only whole foods! As a result they are super nutritious and are designed to ensure optimal nutrients to ensure your body thrives.


3. Meal Plans + Shopping Lists (PDF)

ARV 3-Day Green Smoothie CLEANSETo make this cleanse super EASY PEASY for you, I have included several menu plans and shopping lists to take the guesswork out of what to eat and what to buy!  You’ll receive menu plans and shopping list for the 3-Day Cleanse, given in 3-day segments to make shopping and meal preparation much easier.

You get everything you need. Print it out, reference it from your mobile phone, ipad or laptop and go shopping!

  • Cleanse MENU PLANS are included for ALL 9 Days including the pre, post & cleanse portion of the CLEANSE.  Menu Plans outline all you will consume throughout the day:
    • 3-Day PRE-Cleanse Menu Plan (optional but recommended)
    • 3-Day Green Smoothie Menu Plan (2 different menu options to choose from)
      • Option 1 Higher FRUIT Content
      • Option 2 Higher GREEN Content
    • 3-Day POST-Cleanse Menu Plan (optional but recommended)
  • Cleanse SHOPPING LISTS are provided in 3-day segments and include exact measurements, this way you have fresh ingredients on hand and you only buy what you need so as not to waste time or money!
    • 3-Day Pre-Cleanse Shopping List
    • 3-Day Green Smoothie Shopping List
    • 3-Day Post-Cleanse Shopping List

Here’s What Others are Saying 

“I want to say thank you for your Green Smoothie Cleanse and all your fabulous recipes! My smoothies are a lot greener and I’m including ingredients I would never have before… My favourite is the Mango Spinach Smoothie, I had one every day of the cleanse and I have to say I love it! Plus I lost 2 kilos!”
– L.Mitchell, Canada

“So, I’ve tried green smoothies and fruity smoothie from your ARV 3-Day Green Smoothie CLEANSE Guide – LOVE! I thought I’d try one of the savory smoothie recipes from your e-Guide today just for kicks. I made the green soup/green smoothie. OMG! It’s Sooooo Goood! Totally wouldn’t have thought it would be.”
– L. Wittlee

“Hello from Portugal! I tried your smoothie recipes, and I loved it! Easy to do, very nutritious and delicious! Thank you for inspiring me!”
– A. C. Santos, Portugal

“I made the Creamy Green Smoothie from your ARV 3-Day Green Smoothie CLEANSE eGuide this morning, it is SO DELICIOUS! I drank 1L in one sitting! Mmm”
– K. Hibbert

I tried my first smoothie recipe and it was deliciously addictive! I’m so shocked at how tasty and nourishing it is! I cant wait to try others! I love your site!
– L. Stewart, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

ARV 3-Day Green Smoothie CLEANSEWhen does the CLEANSE start?

The ARV 3-Day Green Smoothie CLEANSE program is run several times throughout the year! As soon as you register, you will get immediate access to the GUIDE so you can start right away. You also receive LIFETIME access.

Does the CLEANSE meet at a certain time? Does it matter what part of the world I’m in?

The Cleanse is virtual and on-line so you can take it at any time of day, and from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access!

Note: the challenge is available from around the globe, the materials are only available in English.

How much time can I expect to spend on the Cleanse?

The time you need to particpate in the 3-Day Green Smoothie CLEANSE is minimal! When you first start, I do recommend that you read through the entire 3-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse GUIDE (PDF downloadable) and familiarize yourself with the program. After that you need to take time every day to prepare your smoothies, which generally take about 10 minutes to make a batch.

How long will I have access to the Cleanse materials?

Once you register for this Cleanse, you have LIFETIME access to the materials! Yup, that’s right. You get immediate access and the material is yours for LIFE! You can work through the material as often as you like, and at your own pace.

How can I contact you?

You are welcome to email me anytime at Cat @ AlmostRawVegan.com.

ARV 3-Day Green Smoothie CLEANSE


  • 3-Day SELF GUIDED Green Smoothie CLEANSE. Includes 77-page Program GUIDE, Two Menu Plans (one for beginner, one for advanced), all Recipes & Shopping Lists.

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