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How do I get started?

It’s all about baby steps. Just make one small change every day, and before you know it you will feel the benefits and your body will automatically want more of the good stuff.

What I’ve learned is….rather than focus on REMOVING foods…. focus on ADDING healthy foods to your day. Before you know it the healthy foods will squeeze out the not-so-healthy foods!

To help you get there I have a  FREE Kickstart GUIDE together with a One-A-Day Green Smoothie Challenge available for you. A great way to get started and you’ll get recipes, shopping lists and all the intell you need to start TODAY!  Click HERE to Sign-up (it's free).

Myself….I started one green smoothie at a time.  I enjoyed smoothies for breakfast…  and changed nothing else in my diet. It didn’t take long before I felt more energized from my morning smoothie and that inspired me to want to add even more plant-based goodness to my days. As a next step, I started having a  BIG green salad for lunch… it didn’t take long before I felt even more energized, which inspired me to add even more veggies and whole foods to my day.

You get the picture….

What foods do I eat?

Here are a few examples…..

Enjoy veggies & greens, fruits, whole grains like quinoa, buckwheat, brown/wild rice. Legumes such as black beans, chickpeas & lentils, sweet potatoes & squash are also yummy. Nuts & seeds, hemp, flax & chia & goji berries are also super nutricious.

Enjoy almond or cashew milk, home made granola, when baking try buckwheat, quinoa or chickpea flour. Add sweetness from medjool dates, honey, maple syrup or perfectly ripe bananas. Enjoy delicious raw cacao for an added treat, other treats include dried cranberry, apricot & raisons. My fav are almond or cashew nut butters.

The BESTEST treat of all is ice cream supreme au caramel! Oh and remember to stay healthy and cook with coconut oil, olive oil or even try hemp or flaxseed oils. Bottom line, stick with foods that are 100% natural and you can’t go wrong!

Pretty much any plant-based food in it’s whole food natural state is acceptable ~ nothing processed, no additives, just whole foods, all natural foods!

Do I need any special equipment?

The short answer is NO! You do not need any special equipment.

Check out my list of Essentials for insight on key must-have’s.

You can start an Almost Raw Vegan approach today by using only a cutting board, knife & a blender. The good news, pretty much everyone has these 3 tools in the kitchen!

Over time you may want to expand and add other equipment to your kitchen but it’s certainly not required. I have included a full list of Kitchen Gadges (I use and love) that may be a helpful reference for you.

What foods do I need in my fridge or freezer?

How about I tell you what I have in my fridge?

In my fridge door ~ you will find:  Apple cider vinegar, Braggs liquid amino, chia seeds, dulse, nutritional yeast, maca powder, flaxseed that I grind weekly and keep in a container, hemp seed, raw almond butter, raw tahini, ginger, garlic, sunflower seed rye bread.

In my fridge drawers ~ you will find: I use one drawer for fruits – apples, lemons, limes, and sometimes oranges.  The 2nd drawer I store my open packages of nuts & seeds ~ cashews, almonds, sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, pecan, walnuts.

On the fridge shelves ~ you will find:   Bottom shelf is all my greens ~ spinach, kale, sprouts, cilantro, parsely. Next 2 shelves are veggies ~ cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, celery, cucumber, zucchini, beets, cherry tomatoes….. Top shelf is ~ blueberries, pickles, miso, medjool dates, salsa

How about I tell you what I have in my freezer?

In my freezer ~ you will find:  I love to keep a stash of frozen berries (a great backup when fresh are not available, they also make smoothies uber frosty!) ~ blueberries, strawberries, blackberries & bananas, pinapple (chopped from fresh). Wheatgrass juice, e3Live, extra sunflower seed rye bread.

What foods do I need in my pantry?

I can share with you what I have in my pantry to give you an idea of what you may wish to store.

I have also created a full list of my favourite pantry staples that may interest you as you stock your own pantry.

Countertop:  Avocados, tomatoes & bananas

Pantry: Legumes (black beans, kidney beans, chickpeas), lentils, artichokes, coconut oil, olive oil, pure sesame oil, chilli peppers, fresh pepper, brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, my home made granola, rolled oats, nuts & seeds including sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumkin seeds, cashews, almonds, pecans, walnuts (once open I store in the fridge but I always have a backup stash in the pantry), dried cranberries, goji berries, raisons, raw cacao, maple syrup, canned tomatoes, tomato paste, kelp noodles, legume pasta.

Can I substitue an ingredients if I don’t like something?

Yes, absolutely you can substitute ingredients. My recipes are intended as guidelines, and you are free to adapt to accommodate your own tastes.

My general recommendation is to substitute with something that is similar colour.

For example, if you see a recipe with apples, feel free to substitute with pears. If you see a recipe with kale, feel free to substitue with another green like spinach.

Will I get all the nutrients I need?

Eating a whole food, plant-based diet will definitley give you all the nutrients you need.  The key (as with any diet) is to have variety in what you eat so that you get balance and a full spectrum of nutrients.

The only nutrient that is not available from a plant-based diet is B12.  For ourselves, we do not take B12 supplements, we do eat some foods with fortified B12, for example our nutritional yeast. We have had our blood levels checked every year and we have never had issues with B12 levels (or anything else for that matter).

Do I have to eat all organic?

No, we don’t eat ALL organic, but we do eat mostly organic.

I have written an article about Buying Fruits & Vegetables that may be of interest as you decide what is right for you. The choice to eat organic or not is really a personal choice.

What do you eat in a typical day?

What I eat in any given day varies quite a bit. There are days when my body does not need a lot of food, and other days where i needs tons of food. What is important is that you listen to your body and do what is right for you in any given day.

To see more specifics about what I eat daily, visit my Typical Meals article.

In general I will enjoy a green smoothie in the morning, a green salad with tons of veggies for lunch, I may munch on veggies & hummus if I need a snack. Dinners usually include a salad and/or veggies combined with a warm dish like ratatouille, veggie bake, stir-fry, or something along those lines. To curb my sweet tooth, I may enjoy a chewy cashew ball or something like that a couple of times a week (I always have some on hand in the freezer).

Will I lose weight if I eat this way?

I know many (including myself) who have lost weight by following an Almost Raw Vegan, whole foods plant-based approach to eating. I lost 20 lbs when I switched my eating approach, and many others have also achieved similar success.

You can read more about my 3-STEP Approach to Weight-loss with Almost Raw Vegan, whole food plant-based eats!

We are all different. How much you lose will depend on many factors – most prominant being your current eating and activity habits.  But yes, in general many do lose weight when they change their eating to a whole food plant based approach.

What can I make for take-to-work/school lunch?

I make lunch for my hubby & I every day. Here is some insight on my approach for creating easy peasy lunches.

LEVERAGE Leftovers:  Depending on what we have for dinner, i.e. if we had ratatouille for dinner, I will make enough so we have leftovers and for lunch.  When I do have leftovers, I will throw a few handfuls of greens (spinach or kale) into the lunch container, then add a couple of spoonfuls of leftover ratatouille (or whatever leftover I have) to create an instant easy peasy salad for lunch! Just shake & go!

VEGGIE Mixture: another approach is to pick 2-3 veggies with greens. I like tomatoes & artichoke, or tomatoes & avocado, or cucumber, tomatoes, red onion & olives… whatever you like pick a few veggies, chop them up and put in your lunch container. Add a few handfuls of greens (spinach, romaine and/or kale), toss with some lemon juice, olive oil & herbs (I love italian seasoning) and you have a super easy lunch. Just shake & go! Sometimes I make a nice dressing, one that we particularly like is with tahini, lemon, garlic- this adds a nice creamy dressing to any salad.

SNACK:  I will add an apple, perhaps a banana, some chopped veggies & hummus, sometimes crackers or a slide of seed bread (myself I usually just have the salad, but hubby likes to have additional fruit & veggies, etc. to snack on).

What do you suggest as a weekly Menu Plan?

I have designed a Plant Powered Recipes & 7-Day Menu Plan that provides full insight & weekly meal preparation tips to make it super easy peasy for you to enjoy Almost Raw Vegan meals. The Menu Plan includes recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack for a whole week.

Do you have a Question?

If you have a question that you don’t see listed here, feel free to Contact me with your question and I will do my best to get back to you as quickly as I can. Those questions that are popular will also be posted on this page, so check back regularly.

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