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If you are new to making green smoothies or refreshing your interest in green smoothies, I’ve included a list of green smoothie essentials, the must-have green smoothie kitchen gadgets & smoothie boosters.

P.S. If you were looking for my FULL List of Kitchen & Pantry Staples visit my Kitchen Gadget GUIDE or my What to Stock in your PANTRY GUIDE.

This page focused on the absolute essentials – these are the exact gadgets & boosters I have and use day-in & day-out in my ARV Kitchen when making my own Green Smoothies.

That said, I did not have all these essential gadgets or boosters when I first started – for example, when I started my Cuisinart Food Processor was 25 years old, it was amazing! Sure the container was a little cracked but it worked great so why repalce it? It wasn’t until this year, 2016 that I had to say good-bye to the old and hello to a new Cuisinart!  It’s a similar story for my Blender, I used my 25 year old Kitchen Aid Blender for the first year or so. Eventually it wore out, but it had a good life and served me extremely well (ok so my smoothies were a bit chunky, but meh I survived 🙂 ) Eventually I replaced it with a Vitamix and I have NEVER turned back. A couple of years after that I added a Blendtec to my toolkit, but you don’t need 2 blenders, that’s just the Almost Raw Vegan blogger in me 😉 ).

I will say, making the investment in my Blender was hands down the best investment I have EVER made for my health and for my green smoothie fluffiness & creaminess!

The truth is, you really don’t NEED a high-powered blender to make your green smoothies. BUT, if you have one you will be super quick to make your smoothies AND they will be super fluffy & creamy, the results will be so much better when you ever imagined. Plus cleanup is a breeze!

equipment must-have’s

Blendtec Blender

There’s no denying my blenders are my numero uno kitchen gadget that I definitely CANNOT live without. I do love my Designer 625 Blender and my Blendtec Twister Jar & Spectacula.

If you want a high powered blender that will create oh-so-creamy smoothies, plus it will make yummy raw almond butter, grind coffee, make ice cream, soups and a whole lot more… then THIS DUO is for you!

P.S. You can save hundreds of dollars by purchasing Refurbished, and you get their amazing 3-year warranty for refurbished and 8-year warranty when you buy new.



Blendtec Twister Jar & Spectacula

The one thing I like about the Blendtec is the addition of the Blendtec Twister Jar & Spectacula, this is perfect addition for making thicker recipes and a MUST-HAVE companion piece to go with your Blendtec Blender!

I love the Blendtec Twister Jar & Spectacula because ice cream, hummus, cheesy sauce just got a whole lot easier!

Together the Designer 625 Blender and the Blendtec Twister Jar & Spectacula is a MUST-HAVE COMBO, a dynamo duo I CANNOT live without!


Vitamix Blender

The Vitamix is another of my favourite blenders. I own a Vitamix and  Blendtec and they are both amazing blenders. It really comes down to the features that are most important for you.

I personally love my Vitamix almost just as much as my Blendtec… they create super creamy, frothy, deliciousl smoothies, nut butters, soups, they will even chop ice! The options are endless.

Vitamix also offers refurbished blenders, you can save hundreds of dollars. They also have an amazing 7-year warranty!

View Vitamix DEALS!


Essentials ~ Green Smoothie Must HavesKnife Set

There’s no doubt a good knife set is more than helpful when it comes to all the veggie chopping that goes on in this household!  We have a set of Henckel Knives and they have done us well over the years. I do believe it’s worth it to invest in a good knife set. Henckel Knives are great as are Wusthof and Messermeister. Take care of them, sharpen regularly and they will last you a lifetime!



Essentials ~ Green Smoothie Must HavesCutting Board

A good cutting board is a must in the kitchen.  I personally love bamboo cutting boards, they are eco-friendly and easy to clean.  You can buy high-end or lower-end, every price point is available to match your budget. But if you already have something on hand, stick with what you have! No need to buy unless it’s time to replace or upgrade!



Essentials ~ Green Smoothie Must HavesCitrus Juicer

Ok, I’m totally in love with my new citrus juicer (although mine is white, not yellow).  Hubby bought it for me and I’d never seen this style before. At first I thought it was a little odd, but oh my gawd I so love it!  It’s fast, so easy to use and easy to clean. I don’t think twice about using fresh squeezed lemon/lime juice now, especially for our morning lemon water (i.e. juice from 1/2 lemon + water (warm or cold)). Where as my old citrus juicer was a little time consuming to use and a mess to clean so there were times I skipped the fresh juice. This style wins my vote hands down!



Mason Jars

I use mason jars ALL the time.  I mostly use the 500ml and 1-litre size.  When I make smoothies in the morning I pour them into mason jars and bring them to work in a cooler with ice packs. Also, when I’m following a Green Smoothie Cleanse I will make a big batch of smoothies twice a day and store them in mason jars.  It certainly makes my life easier.  That said, you don’t need to invest in mason jars, you can use or recycle any jars that you may have.  Make sure you fill them right to the brim and screw the lid on tightly.  Filling as full as possible will minimize oxygen exposure as it’s exposure to oxygen that will eat up the enzymes.



Essentials ~ Green Smoothie Must HavesCoffee Grinder

I don’t use my coffee grinder for coffee – well, truth be known we have two coffee grinders – one for coffee and the other to grind seeds.  Every week I use our coffee grinder to grind a batch of flaxseeds. I store them in a small jar in the fridge for the week and use the ground flax in my smoothies and salads.




I always like to add an additional BOOST to all my green smoothies – even though my green smoothies are super nutritious on their own, it’s always nice to add an additional boost of nutrition. My body (and yours) will love you for it.

Here are my fav boosters ~ keeping in mind these boosters are not just for Green Smoothies, I use them for lots of other recipes as noted below.

For full list of all my own Pantry Staples and Smoothie Boosters you may want to read my article on What to Stock in your Pantry GUIDE!

Chia Seeds

Essentials ~ Green Smoothie Must HavesChia seeds are full of healthful omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. They have high levels of protein and fiber and no cholesterol. They are also rich in antioxidants and they contain minerals in significant amounts, including calcium, phosphorous, potassium, zinc, copper, iron, niacin and manganese.

Two tablespoons of chia seeds contains 5 grams of fat (good fat!), 5 grams dietary fiber and 3 grams protein. It also provides 12% of daily recommended calcium and 7% of iron.

Add 1-2 tbsp to your daily smoothie and get a nutritional boost from these little gems! If you add Chia seeds, you can skip the Flaxseed & Hempseed.  I alternate between the three on a daily basis.




Essentials ~ Green Smoothie Must HavesFlaxseeds are also full of healthful omega-3 (although less than chia seeds) and includes high levels of protein and fiber and no cholesterol. They are also very high in magnesium, manganese and phosphorous.

The trick with flaxseed is you have to grind the seeds (I use a coffee grinder) in order to reap the nutritional benefits. Grind enough flaxseed to last the week and store in the fridge. You don’t want to grind too much as it will go rancid.

If you consume the whole seeds they will not be broken down by the body, so you need to grind them before consuming the seeds.

Add 1-2 tablespoons to your smoothies, or spinkle on a salad. If you add flaxseed to your smoothie, you can skip the Chai seed & Hempseed.  I alternate between the three, in my smoothies on a daily basis.




Essentials ~ Green Smoothie Must HavesHemp seed is a complete protein and adds a protein boost to any smoothie, salad or stir-fry!

It’s perfect for your post-workout smoothie. It has the ideal balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6, plus it has an abundance of mineral content.

The oils in hemp seed are wonderful for nourishing skin and hair. I love to include 1-2 tbsp in any smoothie, but especially my post workout smoothie, or in any nut milk recipe.

Two tablespoons of hemp seed contain 6.8 grams of fat (good fats!), 5 grams protein. It also contains 10% of daily recommended iron, very high in magnesium and manganese and high in vitamin E.



Wheatgrass Juice

Essentials ~ Green Smoothie Must HavesWheatgrass is a young grass plant in the wheat family – although it is not “wheat” and safe for gluten-free, wheat-free diet. Wheatgrass provides a very high concentration of  nutrients, including chlorophyll, iron, calcium, magnesium, amino acids and vitamins A, C and E.

The rich chlorophyll content of wheatgrass makes it a perfect addition to any smoothie. You can grow/juice your own wheatgrass or buy frozen cubes and add 1-2 cubes to your smoothies to reap the benefits from the extra boost of nutrients!

If you are in the USA you can buy flash frozen here.  Otherwise, try your local healthfood store.



Raw Cacao Powder

Essentials ~ Green Smoothie Must Haves

Raw chocolate is often referred to as raw cacao. It is always dark and always a minimum of 75% cacao. Processing results in the loss of certain vitamins and minerals, so some consider raw cacao to be a more nutritious form of chocolate as it’s not processed.

Cacao in it’s pure form (i.e. high % cacao without any additives) is very nutritious and contains protein, fat, carbs, fiber, iron, zinc, copper, calcium and magnesium.

Magnesium is especially helpful for strong bones and is associated with muscle relaxation and feelings of calmness.

I sometimes buy raw cacao and/or raw cacao nibs – but even if you don’t buy raw, what’s important is that you buy cocoa in it’s purest form, made from 100% cacao and no other ingredients.

I really don’t eat a lot of cacao/cocoa – I might have my Banana Cocoa Smoothie every couple of weeks and I probably make Chewy Treats with Cocoa once every month or two, so I don’t use it a lot. I recommend occasional use of cacao/cocoa as it is a stimulant.



Coconut Oil

Essentials ~ Green Smoothie Must Haves

Coconut Oil is awesome. Completely awesome and I use it all the time in my kitchen. I use it in my stir-fry, I toss sweet potatoes with coconut oil before roasting, I love adding to smsoothies for a creamy texture PLUS I use coconut oil as my one and only overall body moisturizer! Yup, it is a multi-purpose superfood!

Yes it is saturated and I know that concerns some people – but the saturated fats of coconut oil are way different than the saturated fats from steak! Bottom line these fats are not equal and our bodies metabolize them very differently. So enjoy your coconut oil in your kitchen & your bathroom!


Click any of the links above and you will be taken directly to Amazon so you can see details about my fav essentials.  If you do decide to make a purchase, I receive a very small commission. Rest assured, I ONLY recommend products that I myself use AND LOVE!  

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Turn your body into a LEAN, MEAN, HEALTHY, VIBRANT machine with ‘almost raw’ vegan eats!

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