How to Make Almond Milk & Benefits of Almond Milk

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by Catherine in Advice, Snack

AlmostRawVegan - How to Make Almond MilkIt took me a few years before I started making my own almond milk.

To be honest I was always very intimidated and I was convinced it was way too complicated to make almond milk ~ kinda SILLY given I had never EVER tried to make almond milk myself!

Funny how we (ok, I) get these pre-conceived ideas sometimes.

Then one day, I decided to give it a try. I learned how to make almond milk.

OMG – it was (and is) soooo EASY PEASY to make. I was  somewhat embarassed by my perception that it was difficult to make. I can tell you, since that day, I have never bought Almond Milk again!

Please, don’t make the same mistake I did. 🙂 I encourage you to try to make it for yourself.

What motivated me to give the home-made version a try?

When I look at the ingredients list in the store bought Almond Milk ~ I looked at all brands available in our stores ~ and all of the brands I saw include ingredients that are completely unnecessary (in my humble opinion, that is!).

I mean do you really need to add ingredients like calcium carbonate, tapioca starch, potassium citrate, carrageenan (check out this article Harmful or Harmless: Carrageenan!), sunflower lecithin to make almond milk? - How to Make Almond MilkWhen in fact, the only ingredients required is WATER + RAW ALMONDS! Ok, you can add a couple of Medjool dates and a dash of vanilla if you like, but the other ingredients in the store bought version are just NOT necessary!

Why ingest these additional, potentially harmful ingredients when it’s so much better for your mind, body, soul to enjoy the whole-food version?

Give your body the best of the best and enjoy the pure & natural home-made version?

So I implore you ~ don’t be intimidated like I was ~ it really is easy to make and I will show you just how easy it is.

In our house, my hubby is the biggest consumer of almond milk ~ he loves to start his day with fresh berries, uncooked oats or granola and fresh almond milk! I usually make 1-2 batches of almond milk for the week and store the milk in mason jar in the fridge – it lasts the week!

For myself, I enjoy the occasional glass of almond milk. I love it when it’s frothy and fluffy right after I make it.  I also love it as a “treat” and I will create a milk-shake type treat with almond milk, a frozen banana, 2 Medjool dates and a dash of vanilla.  Another combination I like is almond milk, with a banana, a spoonful of raw almond butter and a table spoon of cacao. Blend in a high speed blender (I love my Blendtec Designer Series), and you’ll have yourself an amazingly fluffy, light, milk-shake-type treat!

Give it a try!


AlmostRawVegan - How to Make Almond Milk

Nutritional Benefits of Almonds

Almonds are very dense in nutrients and often refered to as a superfood.  Here’s some insight on the nutritional benefits of almonds.

  • 1/4 cup of raw almonds (one serving of almond milk):
    • is an excellent source of Vitamin E, magnesium, magnaese, fibre & protein
    • contains about the same amount of antioxidants as a serving of broccoli
    • 1/4 cup almonds contains as much calcium as a 1/3 cup of milk (about 100g)
    • contain about 18 grams of fat, 11 grams is heart-healthy monounsaturated fats
    • contains about 13% protein (about 6g)
    • is filled with B vitamins, potassium, phosphorus and iron

How to Make Almond Milk

almond-milkMakes 4 servings (approx 1 cup each)

  • 4 cups water
  • 1 cup raw almond, soaked overnight (see Why Soak Nuts? below)


  • 2-3 Medjool Dates
  • 1-2 tsp vanillla


Before you go to bed, put almonds in a bowl and add water until almonds are covered with water. Let sit over night. - How to Make Almond MilkIn the morning, rinse the nuts in water.  Add 4 cups water and soaked almonds to a high-speed blender (Blendtec Designer Series or Vitamix are the best for a nice smooth texture).  Blend for about a minute until frothy and creamy.  If you are using a Blendtec, use the Whole Juice button and your almond milk will have an amazingly smooth and frothy consistency.

Making almond milk creates a lot of pulp, so we will use the nut-milk bag to strain the pulp.  Place the nut-milk bag in a bowl and pour the almond milk into the nut-milk bag.  Start to “squeeze” the bag, so the milk is released into the bowl.

TIP: If you use Cashews you won’t have any pulp and you won’t need a nut-milk bag SO it’s even FASTER to make!

NOTE: Once you’ve “milked” the pulp in the nut-milk bag, SAVE THE PULP in a Ziploc bag and store in the freezer (I have a great Scone Recipe that will share with you one day soon!).

Pour the nut-milk into mason jars and store in the fridge. It will keep for about a week, shake well before serving.

Why Soak Nuts?

Nuts & seeds have enzyme inhibitors – when a nut/seed falls from the mother plant it is designed to lay dormant, it’s the enzyme inhibitor that keeps the nut/seed dormant – but when (for example) a bird or squirrel picks up the seed and/or moisture touches the seed/nut, the moisure helps the enzyme inhibitors to be released so that the nut/seed is able to grow into a living plant.

Soaking nuts/seeds removes the enzyme inhibitor which decreases the acidity, the bitterness and makes it much easier to digest.  In adition, once the inhibitors are released, the nut/seed starts its transformation into a living plant and as a new growing plant, the nutritional content is much higher than the raw nut/seed.

It is for this reason that all nuts & seeds should be soaked before you eat them.  Soaking is also the first step to making sprouts as the soaking will release the enzyme inhibitors and allow the germination process to begin. See How to Make Sprouts in 4 Easy Steps.

 ♡♡ Enjoy this HOW TO MAKE ALMOND MILK Video Recipe! ♡♡

  1. David McCall says:

    Hi Catherine,
    Many thanks for showing me how to make almond milk, it has to be better than out of a shop, what is your daily recommendation of almond milk,
    Kind Regards

    1. You are most welcome David, I’m glad you found the post/video helpful 😉 We usually try to limit our daily nut intake to about 1/4 cup, which is equal to 1 cup serving of almond milk. For myself I might have nutmilk 1 or 2 times a week, on the other hand my husband will enjoy it every morning for breakfast with fruit & raw granola. Does that help David?

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Turn your body into a LEAN, MEAN, HEALTHY, VIBRANT machine with ‘almost raw’ vegan eats!

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