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What We Eat Daily Typical Meals, Recipes & Sample Meal Plan

Here’s a snippet of some of the typical meals we enjoy everyday, together with a sample meal plan taken from my Plant Powered Recipes & 7-Day Vegan Meal Plan. These are the same whole food, plant-based meals my husband and I enjoy for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack & sweets. And the same meals I ate that resulted in my weight-loss of 20 lbs.

In keeping with the “Almost Raw” Vegan approach ~ for us, generally speaking breakfast and lunch are raw and dinner includes something cooked together with some raw greens & veggies.

For breakfast we love smoothies or fruit with granola/oats and nut milk. Occasionally (once or twice a year) we may have plant-based pancakes, french toast or something along those lines but for the most part we love our smoothies & breakfast bowls.

For lunch, during the week we usually enjoy a BIG salad and on the weekend we might have soup and salad or sandwich, but our staple is a BIG salad every day of the week.

For dinner, more often than not (especially during the winter) we often want something warm, although in the summer we enjoy more BIG salads. So it’s our dinner that tends to be cooked and “almost raw”.

My ARV approach to eating includes a foundation of dark leafy greens with lots of fresh vegetables, some fruits, topped with protein rich sprouts and legumes, a few nuts & seeds including nut butters & nut milks as well as herbs, microgreens, sea vegetables, wheatgrass and finally a dabble of healthy oils and nutritional yeast….. the ideal combination for improved health.

AlmostRawVegan.com ~ Almost Raw Vegan Food Pyramid

We rarely eat anything processed or in a box (unless it’s legume pasta where the only ingredient legumes, or seed crackers where the ingredients are the same that I would use if I made them myself and all wholesome, etc.). We don’t eat any animal based products (no meats, no fish, no butter, no dairy, no cheese, no eggs, etc.).

For the most part we are wheat-free or certainly significantly-wheat-reduced (me more so than my hubby). We don’t eat anything with refined sugar, and the only soy we eat is in Braggs Seasoning (Ok, I do enjoy the occasional soy capuccino ;-)). If I do use anything from a can (like my Eden Organics Legumes) I always read the label to ensure there are no extras added and I rinse the content really really well before using.

In a nutshell that’s how we follow an Almost Raw Vegan whole foods, plant-based diet that is probably about 80-90%raw.

Included below are some of the recipes I make all the time ~ from these recipes you can create your own 7-Day Vegan Meal Plan or better yet, if you want to take the worry out of creating your own meal plans, you may find my Plant Powered Recipes & 7-Day Vegan Meal Plan an easy solution. Whichever approach you take, please give Almost Raw Vegan meals a try for yourself! Your mind & body will love you for it! 🙂


Here are just a few of my fav breakfast smoothies.


Smoothies for breakfast and Salads, Salads, Salads is the one and only for lunch in my books and occasionally (more so in the winter) we will also have soup!

Here’s my general approach for making BIG Salads!

  • lots of  greens (kale, spinach, romaine are my favorite) – remember greens give you chlorophyll which is what energizes you!
  • Top with whatever vegetables are on hand
  • Sprouts of any sort (sunflower, buckwheat, micro-greens, bean sprouts, etc.) are always good when on hand they are super nutritious and also give boost of protein
  • I love to sprinkle with hemp seed, pumpkin seed, sesame and/or sunflower seed
  • Occasionally if we feel the need for something a little more substantive I will add some chickpeas and/or black beans
  • I like very simple dressings – I will whip something up in my Blendtec Twister Jar or simple dribble a combination of olive oil, lemon, pepper and occasional a few drops of sesame seed oil/Braggs Soy if I want an asian flavour, plus I may include garlic and/or ginger.



For dinner we tend to have something warm together with a salad and/or veggies.  We also love to have BIG salads for dinner (see above), more so in the summer.

Here are a few dinner ideas.



I love to have goodies for snacks or to curb my sweet tooth.  Some of my favourites are included below.


  1. Amy says:

    Where do you begin? Ie, did you just throw all your questionable/yucky food away? I love the idea of changing our diets completely (right now we eat healthy, comparatively) but get overwhelmed trying to cut it all at once. Thanks.

    1. Amy – I always say don’t worry about cutting out all your yucky foods all at once (ok if you have a very serious illness I would say differently), but if you are just like me trying to be healthier – then don’t focus about “taking away”, instead focus about “adding new healthy options”. For example, when I started – I started simply by adding a green smoothie to my breakfast every day (well not all days, but most days)…. then after a while I replaced my previous lunch with a nice big healthy green salad…. then over time I added in healthier dinner options… and so on 😉 so just add what feels right for you, usually a smoothie at breakfast or a green salad at lunch seem to be the easiest way to get started… so find what’s right for you and start adding 😉 And most of all, have fun and enjoy!! I hope that helps? Cat xox

      1. Amy says:

        Yes, thank you! Great perspective. I’m already a green smoothie, salad lover. My hang-ups are with dinner and my family’s diet. They are not as enthusiastic. We’re working on it!

  2. Having a raw meal plan broken down like this totally takes the scare out of thinking about going raw!

    1. Awww aren’t you sweet 😉 Thanks so much, I’m so glad you find it helpful! hugs xox

  3. Filipa says:

    Reblogged this on The Nature Freedom and commented:
    Great post about how to be “almost raw vegan”! I’ve transiting to a almost raw vegan diet, so this is extremely helpful and very interesting 🙂

  4. joshprince38@gmail.com says:

    Been loving your blog for a while now! Can you direct me to your favorite recipe to try first? I have a hard time narrowing things down! Thanks

    1. Hi there… Favourite recipe? Well that’s a touch one… let’s see… for Smoothie I think any of the banana Raspberry, Almond Butter combos’ are for sure my favourite for a fruit smoothie and the Green Juice Smoothie for a more green smoothie. For lunch/salads – I have to say I love them all… but one that comes to mind that I would love today 🙂 is Spinach Salad with Cherry Tomatoes & Avocado… and dinner I love Roasted Veggie Pizza or Salad version, the Vegan Raw Chili is another favorite.

      Sorry, lots of info 😀 Does that help?

    1. Awww aren’t you the sweetest Veggie V!! Thanks so much 😀

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Turn your body into a LEAN, MEAN, HEALTHY, VIBRANT machine with ‘almost raw’ vegan eats!

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